Four Paws and a Move: How to Successfully Move with Your Pooch

The entire family is putting in time and sweat to make the move happen, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get Fido to understand what is happening. Moving boxes and movers make him nervous and uneasy, and the fast-approaching car ride to the new home certainly won’t set that tail to wagging. Moving is a big change – even for dogs – but the tips and resources in this infographic will help.

Your pooch will cheer up once he sees all there is to do in Salem no matter which area your new home is in. Start off with a walk around Canobie Lake Park, or treat him to one of the area’s dog parks. For a more unique experience, the two of you can explore America’s Stonehenge or nearby Searles Castle or Winnekenni Castle.

Moving With a Pet_Image Only.jpg

For more information:

1. Visit to find pet friendly establishments

2. Visit to order new ID tags

3. Visit to read vet reviews

4. Visit for help with packing a travel bag for your dog

5. Visit to hire pet friendly movers

6. Visit for tips on managing your pet’s stress

7. Visit for more tips on moving with a pet

8. Visit to get tips on being calm and patient with your dog

There is so much to do in Salem that your pooch will soon forget the move – some snuggles and treats certainly wouldn’t hurt either. Take the move one day at a time, and don’t let it stress you out. A happy owner makes for one happy dog.